Friday, 13 February 2015


Good morning lovers. It's our favourite day of the week again.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

New LFC Nautical Collection is now surf safe

Feedback is very important to me, and at LFC we are constantly working on improving our quality and expanding our product range. Thanks to your feedback and requests, the new LFC Nautical collection is now made of stainless steel and is surf safe for all you sailors and mermaids.

We've also added two new designs do our range, the hook cuff and the anchor half cuff.
You can still customise your wrap, this time we've added more leather colours to the selection too.
LFC Anchor half cuff with turquoise / red rope.
LFC Anchor half cuff with purple / grey rope.
LFC Anchor with stone leather tie
LFC Hook cuff in silver tone.
LFC Hook cuffs available in silver tone and limited edition gold and rose gold plated.

Photographer profile: Can Dagarslani

Turkish photographer Can Dagarslani didn't study photography. Instead he studied architecture and became increasingly interested in photography when photographing different landscapes that would be used in architectural plans. Eventually the digital camera was put aside Can turned to the analog camera. Can now takes eeringly pretty pictures playing with light and form, his subjects being otherwise ordinary girls in extraordinary compositions. He seems to divide his time between Berlin and Istanbul.

You can see his full portfolio here.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Holding hands

Have you ever really held the hand of someone you love? Not just in passing, a loose link between you - but truly clasped, with the pulses of your wrists beating together and your fingers mapping the knuckles and nails like a cartographer learning a country by heart? 
― Jodi PicoultSalem Falls

YSL was a lover

Yves Saint Laurent lived in Marrakesh for a while with his partner, and he owned property there where he would holiday. Every new year, he would send his his clients and friends a LOVE card. A simple, but great message.
Today these postcards are on display at the Majorelle Garden, a 12 acre botanical garden. Here are some which I was able to find online. These cards originated in the 1970's, and were personally drawn by the designer. A tradition he kept for the next 30 years.

Lacoste L!Ve Pop-Up

Lacoste has launched a new product in their Lacoste L!ve line that features an eye-popping fragrance. The preppy urban design abstractly illustrates a classic short sleeve polo shirt with a crocodile. Playing on perspective, the liquidly aroma is packaged in blue glass with inspiration drawn from the De Stijl art movement and Mondrian paintings.

What excites me much much more than the packaging is the handmade pop-up book designed to celebrate the launch, exploring scent pictorially. 
The book looks and feels a uni student's final year project, which is what makes it so damn splendid. The creative studio responsible for the pop up book is WILD Advertising. See it in full action in the video below.
Lacoste - A L!VE pop-up story from Wildvertising on Vimeo.

Via The Dieline.

Barbie finally has some competition

When Taofick Okoya's daughter told him that she wished she was white, the Nigerian entrepreneur decided to help her fall in love with her natural black beauty. Sensing that her fair-skin worship was due to all of her favorite storybook, cartoon, and toy characters being white, Okoya began to imagine a world where Nigerian girls played with, and looked up to, black characters. 
That was in 2007. Eight years later the Queens of Africa dolls outsell Barbie in Nigeria. Modeled after the three biggest tribes in the country, the dolls each represent a different progressive value meant to empower black girls in their youth and in their careers. Nneka is Igbo and represents love. Azeezah is Hausa and is the queen of peace. In the music video created for the dolls, the Azeezah doll is seen holding a #BringBackOurGirls sign. Finally, Wuraola, the Yoruba doll represents endurance. “Water is soft, this is true, but it can break a rock,” she sings in the “Queens of Africa” song. The dolls are available in various outfits, though the traditional attire is the most popular.
Though the project is successful now, initially Okoya had a tough time convincing Nigerian toy stores to stock his dolls. “They said, ‘black dolls don’t sell,’” he told Elle South Africa. “I then embarked on an educational campaign via various media, telling people about the psychological impact dolls have on children, and [effect] dolls in the likeness of the African child can have on them. It took almost three years.” He also says that in order to get little girls who'd already been conditioned to value European standards of beauty to buy his dolls, the Queens of Africa dolls were designed without the curvy bodies, “fuller facial features,” and rougher hair textures that many of his consumers have come to demand. He promises that these “identifying African characteristics” as well as an animated series and movie are coming. He also hopes to expand the doll line to include at least one doll for each African country, as well as a limited-edition doll range to raise funds for an African education charity. 

All via Good Magazine, by Isis Madrid.

Monday, 12 January 2015

LFC Mood board: Nautically inclined

Fisherman illustration by Calore Chavelier
The sea has always been an inspiration to artists and designers alone. All things nautical and marine-esque are easily achievable with the use of blue, white and red. Mermaids have long been the fantasy of seamen, with many myths and stories written about these half-fish-half-nymph beings. As have sailors being the start of many a house-wife's fantasy. Enter JPG's 90's Le Male campaign...
Chandon's Nautical Branding
So keeping it simple, here's a little moodpboard to keep your creative juices flowing: in terms of style, decor and design.
Nautical DIY nails. All you need is tape, white, red and navy nail polish and a some basic knowledge of the international maritime flags.

You can find that here

Photo credit: @viewfromthetop
Nautical inspiration with blue, white and red - just for you to see how easy it is to style your black Plato unisex sandals, which you can get here.
Totally hooked on the Nautical collection. You can get your unisex LFC Hook with marine rope here.

Marine-inspired interiors are also very easy to achieve. Your aim is to keep it simple - play it safe with white, and use shades of blue, or stick to one blue if you have the luxury to source everything, and a little red if you wish. Beach wood also gives your space a more rustic feel, as a home would look if it were near the sea.
You could even start your concept at the front door with this gorgeous anchor door knocker.
Photo credit: @amy_stone
Pitchers by Stefaniu Vasques for Diamantini & Domeniconi.