ZARB champagne

Every new year begins with champagne, this year it's ZARB. ZARB Champagne's motto is 'Drink champagne whenever you get the urge' quoting Napoleon's 'In victory, you deserve champagne, in defeat, you need it.' Their packaging pushes boundaries in an otherwise traditional and conservative market. Following in Absolut's steps, they have collaborated with artists to create art bottles, and also have a Skin range (naked belly buttons and sulky lips), a Deep Black range (underwater exploration) and limited edition Specials. While the actual champagne does not change, just the packaging is experimented with. The trick (for me) which makes Absolut's never ending game so successful is that it has a custom designed bottle which differs from other vodkas on the market and their ad campaigns over the years have reinforced that shape, which is now recognizable no matter what colour, cover, design it's covered in. You can probably argue that ZARB has it's neck label which is consistent, and yes, you're right, but it hasn't been around long enough to rely solely on that. From what I see online they are sponsoring events and club nights so that must be how they are marketing it.


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