Love From Cyprus : Androniki

My online shop is finally live and running. Each week I'll do a little feature here on my blog so you can get familiar with our designers. Love From Cyprus is an online shop which promotes and sells Cypriot artists and designers work. Our goal is to introduce Cypriot products and crafts to the rest of the world. Cyprus has been the inspiration to many famous artists and it's geographic position has caused Cyprus to be influenced by differing Eastern Mediterranean civilizations over the centuries. 

Cyprus is also the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, Erotokritos, the famous fashion designer, inspiration of poet Lord Byron, and even Leornardo Da Vinci graced the alter of the Milan Catherdral with Lefkaritika embroidery after a visit to the island.

Today I introduce to you the latest collection by Cypriot graphic and textile designer Androniki.
Androniki Yeratziotou was born in 1982 in Nicosia. In 2004 she graduated from Frederick Institude of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic and Design. In 2008 she went to London to complete her Master’s course in Textile design. 
She designs wonderful geometric jewellery, fashion accessories and clothes. She experiments using different techniques and materials in order to have the desirable result. Her work sculptural, playful and delicate but at the same time easy to wear.
You can find these, and many more beautiful pieces by Androniki on our online shop or via our facebook page. Custom orders are sometimes available by the designer, please contact us if you have something special in mind.


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