LFC's new policy

LFC, as I've written many times before is more than an online shop. It's promoting an authentic lifestyle, and beautifully handcrafted pieces created by local designers and makers. I aim to select products which are well crafted, but also products which will improve and beautify our everyday routine. Some of the latest addition have been sport equipment, such as Zen Balance Boards and Boomer Longboards. 
I hope you share this vision with me, which is why you follow my blog, follow my FB and my Twitter and Instagram. I live and breathe design and share everything I find because I believe everything you share comes back to you tenfold. I share anything and everything that inspires me and resonates with my beliefs.
Design is not just a product, it is a lifestyle.
Unfortunately this is not how everyone thinks and I've recently had a little issue with one designer who (bless her) accused me of 'stealing her designs', of products which I was selling FOR her, making money FOR her. Hmmm...she is pregnant with twins, so I put it down to double dose of hormones. This is the sad reality. There will be people who are skeptical and suspicious of what you do no matter how open and honest you are. I never hide anything I do, and do everything out of love first, gain second. This prompted me to become more selective about the designers who I choose to represent on my site and promote at my events. I have an OPEN and HONEST policy and choose to only work with like minded people. Because like attracts like, I believe this will attract like-minded customers and followers.
Here's my little LFC banner you may be spotting around town these days. I'm so excited and happy to be sharing with you all on social media. I've created a Twitter account too, where I update y'all about LFC land but also share other people's inspirational and interesting posts.

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