Cyprus Walk Of Fame - Limassol

The Cyprus Walk of Fame is a proposed pedestrian street in Limassol, similar to Hollywood's Walk Of Fame. It was an open competition for artists and designers worldwide to submit ideas about how the island version could be envisioned. Despite erupted recently in Cyprus financial crisis, the Administration of Limassol believes that such projects cannot be delayed “for later”, and should serve the task of unifying the peoples in difficult periods in the development of any state.
The submissions have been shortlisted and the site is now open for public voting. 
My personal favourite are these two:
The Milky Way
The creation of this concept is inspired by the real stars, that is the real spherical celestial bodies, emit streams of light. General view of the night sky: the endless depth of space and billions of small but incredibly bright lights. In this concept we fulfill a long-standing human dream of space travel, opening the vastness of the universe anyone who wants it, recalling that every person is a star, each in their own field. Phosphorescent lighting, in addition to the conceptual purposes, make alley incredibly cozy and romantic place.
The glow of the stars we chose to use a luminophor – substances, able to transform the absorbed energy of light.
Luminophor can give glow in different colors, and in the daytime look like white matte material.
Composition tile (for each Nominee) resembles a piece of space. The name of a celebrity is located in the centre as the star, and around it, if it is a planet in orbit rotates icon to the sphere of activity.
The tiles are placed on the sidewalk with a shifts, it helps to create a feeling of space. Thus at night Alley of Fame will look as luminous Milky way.

The Copper Olive Crown:
Taking elements of the Cypriot flag (olive branch and copper), this proposal sees a simpler tile decorate and commemorate our national heroes walkway.
You can cast your vote for your favourite until the end of October at this link.


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