I attended the D&AD workshop last week at RIBA for recent graduates. Let me just was very interesting and a kick up the ass! Here I am, thinking people are going to offer me a job simply because I'm hard working and sweet.

No Tash (my nickname btw) one gives a shit if you're sweet and hard working! Wake Up!!!

So...after moping around and getting all self absorbed....I've snapped out of it.

Here is the general outline of the workshops:

1. Make a list of your favourite agencies.

2. Find a way, either through a contact / reference / stalking, to meet with the Creative Director. The applications handler see so many applicants a day, whereas CDs deal with less applicants.

3. Send them a sample of your work. NOT a PDF!!! Sending something tangible will make your work stand out, and it serves as a good starting point to get them talking about your work and show an interest.

4. The 2 day rule: call them 2 days after they've received your mailer. Not before, and not after.

5. Once you have your interview booked, prepare, prepare, prepare!!!

Know the company's recent work, old work, current projects. Know your interviewer's interests, common interests, history, etc. This will take some detective work. Let your work be interesting, you be interested!

6. If you want this person to be your mentor, set up a date where you can come again and show them your progress / get them to set a brief for you. Get some references for other companies where your work may be better suited if not with them.

Take on board their feedback, and actually take their advice.


Believe it or not, they all speak with each other, and actually exchange opinions on you/ your work.


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