Back from Portugal

I had a wonderful 6 day break in Portugal where I went for a friend's wedding. I stayed 3 days in Alcobaca (pronounced Alcobasa) just north of Lisbon, then another 3 in Cascais, just south of Lisbon by the coast. It was fab, but one of my favourite days, post wedding drunkeness, was a day I spent in Lisbon downtown. The architecture is beautiful....I didn't expect it to be as windy as it was, but then again is the the most west part of Europe and by the ocean.

I sent a cheeky postcard to a company I really would like to work for too...just to say thank you for the feedback they gave me on my portfolio. I took my work to them the week before and it was the feedback that my tutors really should've given me. They were great, their studio was great and I like their work!! Once I've made some changes, added some projects, etc...I'll be back at their door for more feedback!!

Watch this space for Portugal pics...


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