Placement at K2 Screen

I'm currently midway through my 1st week of a placement at K2 Screen. The team really is lovely and I enjoy the process. My Bro and Beau do screen printing in Cyprus, but they do mainly corporate gifts and Tshirts, so its nice to be able to do some arty bits as well as design prints.

Its not a coincidence I'm doing a placement there....clever me, researched the design agencies I like, and found alot of them use K2 for specialist jobs...and one way to get you foot in a door is to get a reference from someone the CD knows. So...not only am I enjoying this placement, but the big boss will put in a good word for me with all the right people because I'm likeable and hard working.

Added bonus: now that I've been working there, they have said I can come back anytime and use their facilities for my own projects. An offer I plan to be taking full advantage of.

I also met artist David Noonan today, we're screen printing some very large canvases of his for an upcoming exhibition in September. Its a huge self-portrait exhibition titled 'Staring at the face of god'. Only an artist could get away with a statement like that, lol. But they are beautiful pieces.

Here's to making new friends, and meeting all the right people ^_^


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