Sleep Well Paul

Paul may have been ballsy, loud, outspoken, opinionated and arrogant, but he was also e very generous man. The last two years of his life, despite his health not being at its best, he gave the students of Kingston University the honour of exhibiting their work at his Petworth gallery.

He was honest with his feedback and helped you if he saw you trying. In his memory, his wife Tony wants to continue the gallery's collaboration with Kingtson University students and have a student show every year. This is not only brave of her, but in the true spirit of Paul's 'keep going' attitude. The man is a legend and I feel blessed to have met him. His books gave me a kick up the ol' behind, although not the Paul I met. He most certainly knew how to walk the walk and talk the talk, but was a genuinely sweet and generous person.

Thank you Paul, and Tony, for giving us space in your gallery, your home and your heart.

Rest in peace dear Paul.


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