If I were a rich girl.

My favourite, most coveted jewelers. Erica Weiner based in New York, does some beautiful buggy and leafy designs. I've seen her Bee necklace, and the picture does not do it justice. I'm wondering if her website could benefit from some better photography?

London based Lara Bohinc is already a well established Slovenian designer who's jewelery is sold in Harrods and worn by celebs such as Madonna, Elle Macpherson, Cameron Dias, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss...and the list goes on. I've visited her very sexy gallery in Hoxton Square. I literally stumbled upon it by accident in 2004. It said 'gallery' on the buzzer, and I thought it meant art gallery, so I wondered it in. It was surreal, space agey with GORGEOUS designs. Since then my lust for a lily ring has meant I keep visiting her site for more jewelery and accessories porn.

Abigail Percy, based in Scotland, is (for me anyway) a combination of Erica and Lara's work. If Erica's is true to nature and earthy, and Lara's work is stylised and geometric at times, then Abigail's work is stylised nature. Lovely photos too. I think the wooden letterforms are a nice touch.


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