Moufflon Bookshop is one of the few English bookshops in Cyprus. Moufflon Publications prints books by Cypriot artists and poets, and books about Cyprus's archeology and history.

The two shops, one in Paphos and one in Nicosia are quaint little stores in prime locations of both cities. 'Moufflon' is the perfect name for a Cypriot bookshop as it is an endangered goat species which differs from other moufflons found in Africa.

BUT - the current branding is weak. Here are three variations of the logo. The left and centre ones being for the bookshop, and the right one for the publisher.

I've been working on some initial ideas for an identity, and even a recognizable style for the book covers. The shape of the moufflon horns, as in the photo above, allready suggest an 'm' shape. If this is done well, it will not only be a successful monogram, but also still resemble the moufflon, which they clearly want to keep as a logo. Early stages yet, but I'm planning to complete the identity end of January.


We love it! One day when we get a chance to refresh our branding - we'll come knocking! Meanwhile, welcome to Moufflon's new blog... perhaps you would like to contribute a post on vintage book logos for us?

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