New found love

During my time at Creative Leap in November 08, I did a design for a pitch for a botanical skincare range. My design was based on a serif typeface which 'flourished' into an organic shape. The idea worked well on the packaging of the products and as an ad campaign. More excitingly it was great as an interactive piece, either for a website or for an installation. Will upload the designs as soon as the new brand identity has been launched (you know how hush hush it is).

Anyhoo...while I was hand rendering letterforms, I got excited about drawing again. Something I have not done in 5 years since foundation. I've also started a few self initiated typographic projects which I'm excited about. I love drawing and experimenting. I also recently found a studio, Blacklabs, who've done a similar concept for some of their work. I LOVE IT!

Serifs are back in fashion, and it's about time! I'm bored with all the san serif design, Helvetica is great, but becoming out dated. Design Week's article on typographer's shift towards serif typefaces couldn't have come at a better time.


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