Playing hard to get*.

'Tis true...I'm starting over! I've decided I'm not emailing potential employers anymore. I've been very blessed enough to have done a few placements already, and secured a few more until March '09. This may have been due to my sheer persistence and luck. I emailed, I called, I begged. I'm just posting from now on. Mailers that is.

I have bee told most post ends up in the bin, but then most calls seem to as well. I called The Team last week and asked the receptionist who I could speak to with regards to placements / jobs. She was vague (not surprising) and gave me a general email (again, not surprising). When I asked for a name to make my cover letter out to, she replied 'Sir/Madame'.

AHEM....Sir/Madame ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ends up in the bin!! When I insisted on a name, ANY name, she replied 'I don't normally work here so I don't know'(now, this was a surprise). I really have reached the end of the line. I've been chasing people, even contacts I know, to no avail. I get that it's a bad time for employment right now, but I am putting my foot down. I'm designing a mailer, putting the ball in their court (to an extent). I am, of course following up with a call, and an email. But the more you chase something, the further it seems to get. I'm playing hard to get from now on! If it's worked with men in the past, it will work for a job too*. I'll let you know how it goes.

*A theory yet to be tested.


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