I've always wanted a Smeg Fridge, but now I want a Smeg KITCHEN!! They really have outdone themselves adding a Gas fire (heater?), dishwasher and washing machine to the retro kitchen appliance (niche) market. I'm loving the sexy red. If I'm going to get a Smeg, I may as well get a colour that pops in a minimalist style kitchen. Minimalist...who am I kidding, I'll never be a minimalist! I collect way too much junk.


I loved my Smeg fridge, but regrettably they are a triumph of style over functionality, what with internal bits breaking all the time and the fact that they take a lot of space for the amount of food they can contain.

Still miss it though.
AnnieLovesU said…
You know, I have heard this before from my dad actually, who's a mechanic and refridgeration specialist. I chose to ignore it though because I didn't want to believe something that looks so good wouldn't work so good!

FORM should always follow FUNCTION. Unless you're ridiculously rich and can buy appliances for novelty purposes.

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