K2 Screen

On Art Vandelay's site are the prints I helped print during my apprenticeship at K2 back in June last year. They are still as gorgeous as I remember. I missed the exhibition at The Russian Club, and looking at the prices, I'd have been taken a back. Who knew such little prints could cost so much!

I must say though, they were flawless. If I ever have work that needs to be screen printed, the guys at K2 are meticulously precise. I was happy, cause that meant I got to keep some 'faulty' print which Im chuffed about. I have a Si Scott, Rui Tenreiro (shown above), Anthony Burrill (which I stupidly gave away) and a Benbo George print. Ok, granted they aren't signed and numbered, but I love them all. Didn't manage an Alec Bec (below), which was sweet...next time ;) You can see all the prints on www.artvandelay.com/.


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