A logo story.

I'm liking the idea more and more of a logo that can exist in multiple states or forms, yet still be recognizable. Typographer, Miles Newlyn's Tate logo does just that. It's recognizable by it's typeface, yet different effect can be applied. I met him last weekend at a friend's birthday, little did I know at the time, I'd be looking at his work a week later as a point of reference. London is small...

Working on a logo right now at Interbrand, and my CD Andy made and interesting comment which makes me think. If a logo relies on wizzy 3D effect but doesn't work in flat colour, it's not a strong symbol. There are alot of glassy, fancy logos out there, but ultimately the simplest are the best. Too many designers are being seduced by effects now, and looking at logos, they all start like they could fit into a flick book catalogue with 1000 other logos. Logo exploration is so much fun (and geeky).


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