Small steps and giant leaps

Ahh...what to do when the day has come to make the decision you feared most? Embrace it. Open your mind and heart and drop the walls in your heart my fellow friends!

I'm moving to Cyprus. Although things may be picking up in London, it's at the expense of graduates and juniors who cannot get ahead (a.k.a the little man). Companies are making redundancies and not employing Juniors, while taking on long term placements for little or no money. After a year of interning with the odd freelance job, it's time I put opportunity and quality of life above the London rat-race and seek greener pastures. Going to a place that is less saturated with desperate graduates and redundant designers will give me an opportunity not only to stand out and shine but also to potentially become a forerunner in the Young Creative Network that is yet to be established ^_^. It's liberating to be able to say 'I don't need a boss to get somewhere. I can do this on my own.'

Bring it on!!!


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