Concept cola anybody who's been through my blog will know I have a love of facets. Facets in architecture, product design and now facets in packaging. Look at what I've spotted on the Dieline:

"Dzmitry Samal designed a unique concept for beverage cans. The shape is much more geometric - featuring facets, instead of the familiar smooth round cylinder we're used to. The new can design utilizes a process called impact extrusion, a process where an aluminum slug (solid piece of metal) is pressed at a high velocity with extreme force into a die/mold by a punch.

The usual cylindrical can is made by a similar, but different process. The cans are generally produced through a mechanical cold forming process that starts with punching a flat blank from very stiff cold-rolled sheet. The flat blank is first formed into a cup about three inches in diameter. This cup is then pushed through a different forming process called "ironing" which forms the can.

Conceptually, Dzmitry's concept could work, but it remains to be seen if it is comparable to the current standard can in price, quality and even feasibility for full-scale manufacture."


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