IdeaPaint - what a great idea.

When all the world is a canvas, creativity knows no bounds.IdeaPaint is simply paint that turns any wall (or other paintable surface) into one big dry-erase board. This means you can scribble ideas onto any wall as and when inspiration strikes and simply wipe them off when you're done with them. It also means kids can now scribble on walls and not get into trouble, assuming they've done so with a non permanent marker. IdeaPaint is the brain child of 25 year olds John Goscha, Jeff Avallon, and Morgan Newman.

The branding is simple too, mis THIS to THAT, Step 01, 02, 03...etc. It's as simple as that really! Simply idea, simply packaged. I was contemplating turning my kitchen wall into a giant chalkboard, but IdeaPaint seems to be a cleaner solution!


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