Frozen Yoghurt, the new Ice Cream

I've been seeing a bit of a trend in the last few years with frozen yoghurt replacing ice cream around the UK and particularly down at the harbour in Pafos, Cyprus. But I must admit, boutique shops are a weakness of mine and particularly when it involves food! So here are two of my favourite fro-yo shops.

This is very very minimalist, cold (in this case, frozen) looking Yoli in Berlin. The cool 3D cutouts are sleek like the concrete slap that is the counter. Amseldrosseel are responsible for the design. The colorful layered shapes were designed and composed by the designers using a CAD program and the CNC-cut out of white Forex plastic. Finally, the colors were put on the shapes by hand with colored non-reflective foil and the shapes were built into the shop.

This is London's SNOG, designed by Ico Design. Using british slang for kiss and naming the store Snog is cute an quirky. Snog is also a hybrid between snow + yoghurt. They really played with the 'snogging' lines for the collateral. The best one is 'I like snogging better than ice cream' ^_^ The design solution is bold, young and urban, making use if strange snog-land style illustrations for their summer campaign. Mmmmm....Yum!


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