Wood you...?

A selection of wood-inspired gadgets, accessories and technologies from 2009.
Woody Wood by Yvette Laduk (YL design) is a round carpet with a print of cross-section of a tree. The Laduk-rug is made of strong material, used in the contract market and is made to last. The rug’s border is cut, burned and sprayed – making this a long-lasting natural beauty. Available here for €750 (via Freshome)
Japanese Woodtouch concept phone. The Japanese telco has teamed up with Sharp, Olympus and Ryuichi Sakamoto to create the ‘Touch Wood‘ mobile phone, a prototype designed to convey a message. Its body is made of surplus cypress wood gathered when forests are thinned to maintain their growth. After processing, it is compressed in a mould to make it suitably durable for protecting the phone’s innards. The concept phone made its debut at ITU Telecom World 2009 event in Geneva in October. (via Awesome SQL)
Manik Wooden Sunglasses. Seattle based skateboarding company manik presents their new Wood Sunglasses. The sunglasses come with clear and with dark lenses and have a frame that imitates the look of wood. (sadly not actual wood - probably for durability reasons).
Log iPod dock made from salvaged materials. The wooden music dock is made from salvaged timber with holes drilled into the log to make space for the speakers and the electronics. The elegant design and the recycled aesthetics make it desirable for all those who love to possess uncommon and sustainable gadgets to refine their homes interiors. (via Ecofriend)

Translucent wood by Luminoso.Changing the way the modern world looks at wood, Austrian company Luminoso has come up with Translucent Wood – a new, ultra-modern design element that combines the warmth of wood and light. Whether you’re using a natural or artificial light source, the result is equally amazing – the stronger the light, the more vivid the effect. Available in a range of wood varieties, colors and endless shapes, with partial or full translucency, this unusual wood product seems to glow from the inside out, bringing endless options to the table for the daring designer. This amazing, ultra-modern wood product is the recipient of a 2009 Red Dot Award, recognized for innovative and inspiring product design. Check out Translucent Wood, by Luminoso. (via Tendir)


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