Grafik Design Awards

The first ever Grafik Design Awards is nearing it's deadline, 31st Jan 2010. Get in there while you can (open only to UK designer this year). There are no categories, and rightly so as alot of the best design work blurs the lines between categories. The entrance fee is low (for a change) and they also have 'Best New Comers' which is for young designers who have graduated less than three years ago. Studio and Professional fees are £50 and additional entries will cost £25 each while the Newcomers fee is a low £20 for a multi-project application.

Also thought I'd mention the branding of the awards, start made up of words, nice grafik touch! I hope this first year goes so well that next years they have no choice but to include the rest of Europe in the awards. Sadly there isn't much in Cyprus in the way of design awards.


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