Fleathers and Rabid Foxes.

Linda Smyth is a jewelry designer based in Philadelphia. She has a little shop on Etsy where she sells her creations, consisting of two ranges, as well as owning a little vintage and handmade store in Old Town, Philly. Her Fleathers collection is a range of accessories inspired by birds, combining feathers and leather, taking on abstract shapes.

Rabid Fox, which is a range co-designed with Rebecca Pulver, is Alice-in-wonderland-ish rings, again inspired by nature and the animal kingdom, made from precious metals. Elephants, pigeons, unicorns and octopus's to adorn your digits are my kind of thing!
My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, I'm between getting a pair of Nike Flytops from 180g in colour #26 (Salmon pink - and my age to be) or a black Octopus ring (although admittedly, this is out of my budget).


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