Illustrator: Malika Favre

Malike Favre is a french designer at London-based Airside studio, who's became a sought after illustrator in her own right! Her bunny alphabet poster which she did as an in-house project for the Airside shop was the first of many very sexy and provoking illustrations to come. Her style is clean and graphic, with a minimal colour palette. You can buy her prints from the given links on her site, or enjoy them occasionally popping up in places like Wallpaper magazine, Form Fifty Five blog, etc...

I was fortunate enough to be interning at K2Screen in London at the time of printing the Alpha-bunnies poster and lucky for me (not so for the boss) we printed a faulty batch of 200 before realising that the screen had a leak. So I grabbed a few before they hit the trash and it proudly hangs in my room, as well as a friends house and my mom's store.

Malika is also reponsible for the opening credits of The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. I can only find a short version on youtube (below) but you can watch the full version here.


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