Studio spotlight: Bendita Gloria

Ok, so I'm on a mission. I fell in love with Barcelona! Barca and Paris were the only cities I've been to where I thought to myself, 'this is it...I could live here'. And it hit me, why don't I? So I'm in Barca mode now, researching studios, learning the lingo, eating tapas, sipping sangria (God, I think I've lived in the UK too long, I sound so British!). Yes, I know it's stupid to be thinking of going to Spain of all places amidst the economic downturn, leaving an otherwise 'good, steady, paid' job for the unknown. But people do crazy things when they're in love, and if not now, then when?? the is the beginning of a number of posts on Spanish design, studios, art and advertising.
Bendita Gloria is a duo in Barcelona, who's early work you may recognize from a few years back. Their self-promotional Spam book made it's way around the blogs, as well as their stitched CD fold out cover for Puerto Despertar. Their work is very craftsy, often required to be finished by hand, which makes it that much more special! The posters for the hair salon advertising student discount cuts is just too clever and lovely!


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