Karim Rashid's desk

Colourful designer, Karim Rashid's desk is no different to the man himself. Surrounded mostly (if not entirely) by his own products (does it come in pink?), which is no surprise the he has over 3,000 designs in production. Think pink!

1. Driven Data, art piece
2. Chakra Chair, designed especially to focus on the body’s pressure points
3. Melissa Shoes by Karim Rashid, made of rubber and retails at $84.00
4. ASUS EEE PC 1008P Karim Rashid 10″ Notebook, Pink
5. Della Rovere Uno Desk, 2008
6. Phatboy Pen, 2006
1. Koop Paper Clip Holder
2. Totem Desktop Pen Holder, 1999
3. Calty Metablobs, Featured in MAD Museum, NYC
4. Bobble, Bottle that filters tap water as the user drinks it.
5. Blob Lamp, 2002
Flooring is Paradow Orgo Laminate Floor, By Karim Rashid

(via Knstrct)


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