Student spotlights on the Dieline

The greatest work come not only from experienced designers, but also from students. I keep going on about this but that's because I honestly believe it.  A great way to work is to find a product / business, write your own brief, design the work as beautifully and freely as you choose, experiment, play and discover new techniques. Then, team up with the best pitcher (or become the best at selling your own work) and approach the client, convincing them your way is the best way. Ahhh...if only I didn't have bills to pay and was the daughter of a billionnaire...this would be my work method of choice. Still...the night is young...Here are some of my favourite student packaging projects off the Dieline:
Jenny Pan - Via Vespa skincare
Fabio Bernadi's Pasta packaging
David Mikush's Burt & Bumble honey based skins products
Octavia Soebiyanto's Grow Your Own seed packaging
Kristín Agnarsdóttir's Knoll Architectural paint
Kristín Agnarsdóttir's Puma skincare range
Most of these are non existent products or just a different approach to an existing product, but look at how slick and professional the finish is. Inspiration 101.


Sophia's Lover said…
Welcome the goddess of the moon and the night,
Bless us with wisdom, bless us with might.
Give us tonight, the power to heal,
The power to release the magick so real.

...thanks...sweet Lady!

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