Studio Spotlight: The Apartment

The perfect marriage between architecture, interior design and graphic design, The Apartment are a case study proving multi-disciplinary studios (or at least a close collaboration between these three forms of design) create work which is stronger and more sound, particularly in a commercial space. Some exciting project in the NYC-based studios portfolio include a conversion from the first YMCA basketball court to a 5-bed heaven. The project included custom designed wallpapers and furniture, graphic neon colours, original flooring and a disco-ball!!
Below are pics from a spa called Yelo, The Apt are responsible for the naming, branding, architecture and marketing of the whole project, the result being a completely synergetic project.
I cannot express enough, my absolute LUST for this NYC residence. Great open plan layout, large windows with city views, antique and modern furniture, great big bookshelves, natural wood and stone combined with glossy glass and plastics. The best bit is the ceiling mural in the bathroom of a tiger. Just plain sexy!


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