Geometry made beautiful

QuaDror from Dror on Vimeo.

A fantastic innovative use of geometry by Studio Dror, who've designed self locking structural joints using space truss geometry. A four year initiative involving countless collaborations, tests and experiments. This joint, when solitary, can be used as a simple support to a side table but when multiplied it becomes a structural framework for homes, an acoustical skin on a highway and a extraordinary solution to disaster shelter and informal urban housing. The structure can be produced with local materials and less waste as it is both cost-effective and easy to ship.The studio has this to say about their work:
We are interested in the transformative power of design as an interdependent response to social, economical and ecological matters.  Our work is the interactive process of inventing and providing (infra)structure and comprehensive systems to improve our ways of living. In effect, we believe that designers and users become co-creators.
 It's always inspirational to see how design is used to actually make a difference and target real problems facing us today.


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