Room 606

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Arne Jacobsen’s SAS House in Copenhagen, now the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. Room 606 is the last remaining interior of Arne Jacobsen’s masterpiece, carefully preserved and remains identical to Jacobsen’s original commission. Phaidon has released a book titled Room 606, examines the only preserved room in detail, from the custom fabrics used to the woodwork and furnishings. 


Anonymous said…
I got intrigued by the photos of Room 606 on your blog.

On most of the pics found on the net the sofa is positioned on the wall with the window and there are two additional armchairs next to the sofa.

Do you have any idea if your photos show Room 606 as it looks currently? As I am going to see Room 606 this summer, I wonder if the full suite of Jacobsen's furniture have been preserved.

Best regards from Poland!
ALPHA said…
Hi Michal

These are photos from the published book, so the room may have been rearranged for the photo shoot of the book only. The furniture is all original and preserved as Jacobsen had intended, however I can't speak for the layout.

Let us know when you see it, or better yet, send me a photo!

Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info!
It looks I will stay at Room 606 on the beginning of August and certainly will take several photos.

Will let you know! ;)

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