2011% Greek Design

2011 Greek Design is a design event happening in Athens where 18 greek designers and studios will exhibit unique products. These include the ever-so-fabulous collective Greece is for lovers, interior designer Afrodite Krassa, Brainstorm and fellow 27-collectiva member Constandinos Economides. Yay for greek design!!
Greece is for lovers
Giannis Ghikas
 On Yatzer you'll find the full article about the event, but I thought I'd share Dieter Rams's 10 most important principles of design, otherwise known as the 10 commandments of good design:

10 Principles of Good design:
1.    Is innovative
2.    Makes a product useful
3.    Is aesthetic
4.    Makes a product understandable
5.    Is unobtrusive
6.    Is honest
7.    Is long-lasting
8.    Is thorough down to the last detail
9.    Is environmentally friendly 
10.  Is as little design as possible

Constantinos Economides
Giannis Mamoutzis
2011% Greek Design
M Art Space
Thursday, April 7 – April 25, 2011
10 Solonos Str. & Irakleitou Str.,
Kolonaki, 106.73 (2nd Floor)
Athens- Greece


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