When work is fun

Threadless is an excellent examples of Generation Y employers / companies, proving a job doesn't have to be just a 'job' but a lifestyle if the environment is right. Google is also a good case study, where playing games is compulsory. Google has been named one of FORTUNE's Best Company To Work For! while Threadless is a Top 50 Chicago Generation Y Employer. Judging by the results, it seems these employers are onto a new way of thinking about work and as we spend most of our adult lives at work, it's only logic you should enjoy your work and enjoy BEING at work as opposed to doing it because 'you have to'. Happy employees are productive employees. Hope this trend catches on here in Cyprus soon, because employers are using this (psychological) recession as an excuse to threaten employees and make payments cuts, which in turn makes the psychological recession an economic one. Punishing for the sake of punishing! 
A special about Threadless on MSNBC from Threadless.com on Vimeo.


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