CW&T Studio

CW&T is a Brooklyn based multi-disciplinary studio designing everything from lighting, to iPhone apps and jewelry. Some of their projects seem experimental and still in prototype stage, but none the less, great thinkers. Here are three of their projects I like:

Circle hook light
An elegant design, the Circle Hook Light is designed for a standard fluorescent FC16T9 bulb. Instead of using a switch to turn the light on and off, the bulb is hooked in and unhooked and rotated to turn off. The solid brass polished hook looks more like a coat hanger on it's own, but with the revealed circular bulb forms part of a sculptural wall piece. The only thing that comes to my mind is how one would turn the light off if it's been on for a while, because they can get pretty hot! Are gloves supplied?

Circle Hook Light OFF from Taylor Levy on Vimeo.

One Brass Knuckle, or OBK, is a nuckle duster ring which comes in stainless steel, gunmetal black or gold finish. Despite just being an interesting piece of jewelry, functional too according to their promo clip of a girl beating a steak. Nice shape!

Meat Tenderizer from cw&t on Vimeo.


Oblik is a 6-floor residential,1-floor commercial block in Yokohama, Japan. The Facade consists of 13 degree cuts cast in fair faced concrete.


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