Capri Tiberio Palace

Heaven is a place on earth! The beautifully designed hotel Capri Tibiero Palace in the island of Capri come pretty close to it! The 'restyling' was conceived by interior designer Giampiero Panepinto.

The overall character is typical Capri Riviera of the 50’s with peroxide blondes and mint juleps circulating everywhere. The hotel has a great calmness and joy of luxury through its design, where neutral pallets are combined with vibrant upholsteries to rejuvenate and excite. Upon arrival you are instantly overwhelmed with the comfort of it all. Greeted by a lobby consisting of three gold-leaf coated ‘stands’ and a ‘Buffa’ remake vintage design desk from the 40’s acting as a reception desk,  you can’t help but appreciate the delicate detailing. Large openings allow for ample daylight to scatter through the interiors while merging the outside in relationship.
Gorgeous patterns and neutral colour palettes cover the walls and floors. Sophia Lauren's portraits are also a feature that send you back into another era of silver screen sirens and  'mad men'. One little thing that could be looked at, only to suit the restyles look and class of the hotel, if the branding. The website is very average in comparison to the stylish and elegant new look of the hotel. For me, it's the very small details, that could make the complete project look considered and revamped, as opposed to an after-thought. Something minimal and elegant with the same powder blue, ochre and coral colour palettes, taking inspiration from the nature inspired textile which were exclusively produced for the hotel by Dedar & Limonta, could make a pop in your mind's eye. Enjoy!

Via Yatzer.


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