Dear-blank-please-blank is an amusing website by Jared Wunsch and Hans Johnson. Readers are asked to submit simple, but funny, letters in the format of “Dear…blank, Please…blank, Sincerely… blank”.

The submissions range from hilarious to hilariously wrong, with readers voting up the best ones.

The photos you see here are the result of a collaboration between Dear blank Please blank and Sapling Press to turn the best submissions into elegant white cards, most of which are available on Etsy.

(via Enpindit)


Lisa Krowinski said…
This is Lisa from Sapling Press :) thanks for the mention but could you please remove the following card pics...
Dear parents, Dear math, Dear JK Rowling, and Dear college students. Those are not my cards, but rather text that someone has placed over my original pictures. Thank you and keep up the great blog!

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