Just eat meat!

Chuck & Blade is a university project by Jason Cook and Jenna Josepher who set out to go beyond branding a fictional restaurant. The fictional steak house celebrates meat lovers and butchery. Sounds macabre, but really it's been quite tastefully done using brown paper with black text and red highlights and the odd blood splatter. The pair used humorous copy for their viral marketing.


R said…
i find those comments very offensive as a vegetarian. we were not put on this earth to eat other species! btw they have lives too!!!
ALPHA said…
R, I'm sorry you feel offended. Just as you expect respect for your decision to be vegetarian, you should respect a meat-eater's decision to eat meat. This project was certainly not meant to offend anyone, the viral campaign copy is humorous, not offensive. I don't drink or smoke at all, but I don't get offended when my friends to it, and can still appreciate a good campaign or well designed alcohol bottle or cigar. This blog is about DESIGN. Please try to be more objective.

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