Branded business pages

Whether you've joined the social media band wagon yet or not, social media, and particularly Facebook reaches billions of users worldwide. Big, medium and small brands are using this social media platform to expand their business and win over more followers. It has undoubtedly evolved as an important platform for reaching a wider audience and potential clients and thereby expanding the business. With the new layout which included a 'cover' it's also another media for you to extend your brand image, and if done well, can be an effective marketing tool at minimum cost.
Your business profile page or the fan page on Facebook needs to be attractive and unique in such a way that it gives the visitors a reason to join your community right away by clicking on the ‘like’ button of your fan page. Apart from having a great appeal it should also have enough scope for communicating with the fans and engaging them in constructive discussion. Many advanced applications have been integrated in the Facebook community page which if exploited in the right way will assist in increasing the number of followers in your page.
Here is a selection of well-branded business pages from 2ExpertsDesign's article 40 Highly Effective Facebook Business Pages for inspiration.
FOX News
The New York Times
Mabel's Labels
Burt's Bees
MTV India


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