Greek Graphic Design Awards 2013 (EBGE)

The branding for this year's Greek Graphic Design Awards 2013 (EBGE) as designed by Greek studio Beetroot Design Group, is SPLENDID! Beetroot's portfolio is packed with gorgeous work, always keeping ti clean and clear, one of my favourite Greek studios.
EBGE 2013 opening video from EBGE on Vimeo.
The little animated film that goes with it put a smile on my face, the style is simple and effective. Every year the visual identity for the awards  - which includes the invitations, the covers of each award section and the catalogue amongst others - is designed by the GRAND EBGE AWARD winner from the previous year. It's not hard to see how Beetroot won last year. Since setting up in September 2000, the renowned Thessaloniki based design group has endeavoured in seeking new ways to express creativity and provide design solutions to their local and international clients. The art direction of the branding was all based on the  awards’ official logo which is an exclamation mark inside a circle, Beetroot celebrated all things Greek. 

Asides from its undeniable beauty and its simplicity, it could also serve as a remarkable campaign for the general visual communication of my beloved country, Greece. Now that's what I call food for thought! 

Winners of this year's EBGE awards will be unveiled soon on the official website (only in Greek).


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