Macramé wall hangers

Macramé hangers are handmade decorative knotting wall pieces, coming in sizes from single to king bed, however there are endless possibilities  and they make for very delicate workmanship they are quite labour intensive.  Above are two pieces by Sally England, whose site includes wall hangings, plant hangers, room dividers and anything you can put your imagination to.
“Macramé is the art and craft of decorative knotting. Some twine and a few basic knots are all a hobbyist needs to explore the possibilities of constructing jewelry, clothing, wall hangings, or plant holders. In the 1970s, the American craze for this craft was preceded by hundreds of years of Chinese macramé. Now, Western macramé attracts fiber artists, sewers, and creative crafters.” 
– Brand Wave
(via CaitlynLoves)

Visit AP&AS for a DIY tutorial to make your own like the image below.


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