Show me your cards

With these stylish decks, not only is peaking useless, but you'll look cool playing 'Go Fish' (I'n not a card player as you can tell). Here are a selection of the sexiest decks around.

Joe Doucet has designed the Iota deck, with only the bare essentials on the cards. With over 40 patents for his designs, he has also won several international awards, has collaborated with clients such as Bernhardt, BMW,Braun, Hugo Boss, Lexon, Mo√ęt & Chandon and Target and has exhibited his work at the London Design Museum and the Biennale International Design Sainte-Etienne.

The Iota playing cards were presented alongside other equally playful projects from the Joe Doucet Studio, as part of the Play exhibition at Wanted Design during New York Design Week 2013.
The next black on black PVC deck, is available on the Cool Material shop, designer not mentioned (poo!). The black on black print makes for an aesthetically pleasing and slightly demonic feel (especially considering the face card designs) and is a steal at only $10. Alexander Wang has a similar black on black deck which comes in a leather box for $55. Just make sure you aren't playing your next poker night in an awfully lit bunker.

MetroDeck Playing Cards are printed on found and repurposed subway fare cards scattered throughout the city. Each face card is individually screen printed in four colors of enamel ink. The deck comes packaged in a custom 2-color, die-cut, and letterpressed tuck box printed by Mama’s Sauce Print Shop. This first edition of 40 decks includes a signed and numbered Ace of Spades designed after NYC’s ubiquitous manhole covers. You can find out more about them and buy a pack for a hefty $550 here.
Pete Harrisson's playing cards is 54 pieces of art. With each card being unique, you'll never tire of looking at at his two decks which are part of the Black Rock Collective. See the project here.
Also appreciated Arantxa Rueda's quicky new shape and geometric graphics. Two packs, one with graphics, one with photography, view the project here.
Not sure you poker-player would appreciate the minimalism at all, but us design-above-all lifestylers would like a deck like this on our coffee table, that's for sure.


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