Love From Cyprus: Simoni Textile Designs

A very warm welcome to our latest addition to the LFC store - Simoni Papaefstathiou. Simoni always had a great interest in colours and textures. After realizing the love of creating, she decided to follow a course in Art and Design foundation at "Aigaia School of Art and Design" in Cyprus between 2005-2006. After exploring various fields in art and design during the foundation course, she decided to study Textile Design, at Middlesex University in London, following the course "Textile design, Weave, Knit and Mixed Media". During her three years of studying, she explored hand and machine knitting techniques, weaving, and embellishment of textiles and she then decided to specialize in Weaving. After her graduation in 2009, she returned back to Cyprus and in 2010, she launched her own Brand "Simoni Textile Designs".
Simoni Textile Designs constructs hand-woven accessories such as bags, scarves, capes, earrings and brooches, using the finest yarns. The brand aims to create colorful and textural, high quality, unique fabrics by using various weaving techniques, and then transforms them into one of a kind accessories. Each collection has a distinct feel and aims to make the owner feel as special as each piece. 
You can find these beautiful unique pieces and more here.


john carter said…
The Designs looks wonderful. Good to see so much creativity from Cyprus

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