30 days of Yahoo

Survata researches customer opinions on logos and one of their recent surveys has been Yahoo's new logo in their 30-days-of-logos trial before finally revealing their new logo.

To draw attention to the change, Yahoo has been displaying a different logo every day for the last month. [Survata] were curious about which logo consumers preferred as the best fit for the Internet giant, so [they] used the Survata logo testing tool to find out. 12,725 Respondents were asked to pick their favorite of five logo variants (randomly selected from the 28 variants released prior to publication).

These are the results: 
Consumers displayed strong  and consistent opinions about the variants.  The “selection percentage” ranged from 47% for Day 10 (the most preferred) to 6% for Day 21 (the least preferred).  Day 10 was rated highly across all age, gender, and geographic groups. 
To understand why consumers preferred certain variants, [they] deconstructed the Yahoo logo into its major design attributes.
[They[ then classified each variant according to these six attributes.  For five of six attributes, consumers preferred the variants with the attribute of the current Yahoo logo.
So the survey suggests that Yahoo should stick to something familiar. You can see the full results of the survey at the link.
Now that the new logo has finally been revealed we can see they went for something more corporate, with a Cadbury's purple colour. Some of the temporary logos revealed were hits, some were misses, but that's how it goes when you are redesigning a company logo. You experiment and play until you find one that clicks and refine it. I do feel there were some that were stronger than the final one chosen, but it's definitely a step forward for the company from that kooky red logo.  Below is logo Day 25, which has a smile in the A + H, which I liked. Of course there will be many critics now on the inter-webs criticizing the new logo and the logo mix tape that Yahoo did, to draw attention to the redesign, but we have to appreciate the work done for the final design and the process involved. I think it'a a good change, even if it's not the one I would've gone for necessarily.


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