Media dumbing us down?

Can someone please explain to me why we care so much about celebs' private lives? WFT do I care if Miley and whats-his-name broke up or Justin rapped topless, or Kristen is losing her hair due to stress because she cheated on her man and got caught. Pfffttt...Ok, so by nature, humans are voyeurs and get off on watching people we know, or think we know because we're familiar with their faces. But seriously, why do we care? And why are we being bombarded with this news constantly?

All this useless information on what he said, she said, they wore is dumbing us down. Let's face it, there are already too many stupid people in this world, and not enough smart ones being heard. You can see Cosmo's post on the Top 9 stupidity gaffs by beauty pageant contestants as proof of this, and what's more painful is that TV, media, now Google, are not even giving us any other option but to be constantly bombarded with proof of all this stupidity everywhere. Meanwhile, in the States, while people are marching for Gay Rights and Gay marriages (a just cause in itself), congress is passing laws about GM food labelling and pulling the wool over our eyes.

The only celeb news worth reading and sharing is Angelina Jolie's brave decision to have a double mastectomy because she was a high-risk breast cancer case. This type of news raises awareness in taboo topics, that we should be informed and educated on.

October is breast cancer awareness month, and I hereby pledge to post, at least twice a week on anything pink in colour. So prepare for a pink month ahead, all in the name of a good cause, one actually worth talking about and sharing.

Blah...that's my rant for the day. Regular design blogging will commence shortly after this break in the program.


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