Koi Fish Feed Invite

What better way to invite someone to visit an eco-friendly community known for its large Koi Fish population then with a letter that resembles the fish but also functions as fish food?
The scaled invitation is composed of natural Koi Fish food and printed with edible ink. The Fish Feed Invitation design was awarded a bronze medal at the Cannes FestivalComprised of material derived from natural ingredients and printed with edible ink in patterns designed to mimic those of the fish themselves, the eco-friendly invite proved to be an eco-friendly hit with visitors and koi alike.

Ayala/Nuvali “Koi Fish Feed Invite”
CCO/ECD: Melvin Mangada
Writers: Marci Reyes and Abi Capa
Art Directors: Jake Tesoro and Nolan Fabular
Producer: Dennis Carlos
FA: Angelito Tan


Kira Walker said…
Soooo cool, sharing this post with my Uni class.

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