Serious Fitness products

You KNOW you want to get fit and firm up, grinding on a 'Horse riding Ace power' machine, yeah!! 
The Shake Weight: the dumbbell shakes, which allegedly increases muscle activity by nearly 300 percent. The women’s version is 2.5 pounds and purportedly tones shoulders, arms and chest. The shake weight is only meant to be used for six minutes a day to get the desired results.
The Hawaii chair does the hula while you sit in it. Really. It is supposed to help with: weight loss, muscle control, body alignment and maintain hip flexibility. These should be in every serious office environment, I'm sure they'd encourage corporate productivity, judging by the smiles on these faces.
The boob weight: the perfect weight for the men “who think about women all the time even when the iron is held in the hands,” says the 306 Creative Communication agency responsible for the weight. The weight comes in three sizes and has apparently been selling well. The 16-kilogram model is selling for $375, the 24-kilogram for $435 and 32-kilogram for $495. That’s a lot of money for some weighted boobs.

Via the Daily HIIT.


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