Melissa Bachman the proud trophy hunter.

Here is Melissa Bachman. Ms Bachman is a 'trophy hunter'. In this photo she has posted on twitter she sits proudly displaying her latest conquest, an African male lion.

At their current rate of decline lions will be extinct in Africa in just 17 years.

When a male lion like this is killed it devastates the pride society. Another male will come in and kill the previous male cubs. Nature is tough enough, but left alone it works in balance with the wider ecosystem.

You can tell Ms Bachman what you think of her and her vile actions via her website, where you will see in her gallery many other 'trophies' she so proudly poses with. 

As a South African, I've always found hunting, especially for African safari, inhumane and unfair, but pictures like these with ignorant, dummies proudly posing on top of their kill really leaves me feeling sick and sad that in 2013, we still live in a society where this is acceptable in some circles.

FYI - I'm not a vegetarian and I do wear and buy leather products. In fact I make and sell leather products too from cows hide.


Kira Walker said…
She looks like an absolute prat. This looks so absurd for the 21st century I thought it was a hoax image at first. Some people need to be locked away for the greater good.
Anonymous said…
Wtf ?! Yeah there are like 10 Lions alive not hold in captivity, and some would feel good killing such an wonderful animal for fun !? Very very sad! Its not hydrogen, that is the most common element, but stupidity. Sadly that blog post just confirms that.

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