Likeness: A short film about eating disorders starring Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning, stars in a new short film shot by LA-based cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto (of Brokeback Mountain and Argo) that deals with eating disorders via disturbing metaphorical imagery. We follow our girl Elle through a party full of models (who are either grinding on each other or looking very drugged up) as she heads for the bathroom to touch up her mascara. 
When she looks into the mirror she sees herself with cracked, deformed skin and as such, tries to peel off her own face before the whole ordeal causes her to do some vomming. Once she leaves the bathroom, we find that the party is actually full of normal-looking teenage friends of Elle's. 
As the director said, the dialogue-free short film was inspired by his 18-year-old daughter who herself suffered anorexia; "She was very enthusiastic about it. She started doing research and sent me images and music. I started playing with ideas and asked her input all the time." A warning  — it's heavily-loaded stuff and borderline nightmarish


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