Marvelous Marvis

Possibly the sexiest toothpaste you'll ever purchase, Marvis is a toothpaste designed with aesthetics of a classic shaving cream. Marvis Mint Toothpaste has helped redefine and alter many peoples perception of this so-called everyday necessity.

Based out of the enchanting and historic region of Florence, Italy – Marvis Toothpaste products began popping up in boutique style perfume shops in the mid 70’s creating the mysterious allure they continue to experience even today. Since their dramatic debut, they have garnered a prominent and loyal following serving many of those same customers that helped break them into the market so many years ago.

Beautifully packaged within a retro inspired metallic casing, Marvis offers a splendid range of 7 extraordinary flavour profiles each with its own aromatics – sure to please even the most finicky of palettes.
  • Ginger Mint
  • Jasmine Mint
  • Aquatic Mint
  • Classic Strong Mint
  • Cinnamon Mint
  • Amarelli Liquorice
  • Whitening Mint
Completely revolutionising the concept of toothpaste, their modern interpretation of the product is one based purely on traditional processing methods all whilst offering vigorous fluoride protection, and more. Marvis Toothpaste’s unique formulations guarantee a dense, compact texture – carrying with it a lingering freshness and forceful whitening effect – utterly reinvigorating your daily routine. Truly one of life’s little luxuries (insert sparkling smile here - wink).


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