Wundercamera: An Exhibition Of Exhibitions

Karen Knorr, The Order of Things. © Karen Knorr.
Traer Scott, Gazelle. © Traer Scott.
Richard Ross, Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle Paris, France, 1982. © Richard Ross.
Curated by Klaus Wehner, most famously known as Museum Clausum, the Wundercamera exhibition at the Pitzhanger Manor/PM Gallery in West London sees a selection of photographs steal the show. Taken at exhibitions in famous museums and galleries around the world, this is a photo exhibition of other exhibitions that mutually explores both how cultural venues display their works and how visitors interact within them. These are a pick of my favourite images from the post over at Yatzer.
Valery Katsuba. Physical culture. © Valery Katsuba.
Karen Knorr, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. © Karen Knorr.
Valery Katsuba, Gymnast. © Valery Katsuba.
Richard Ross, Museum of Natural History Cairo, Egypt, 1984. © Richard Ross.
Richard Ross, Field Museum Chicago, Illinois, 1986. © Richard Ross.


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