Dermablend goes Zombie

Famous around the world for being one of the most tattooed man on earth, Rick Genest is more commonly known as Zombie Boy on account of the numerous skeletal tattoos that adorn his body. A viral clip by DermaBlend Professional, to show the results of their new a tattoo cover up primer. Dermablend has quite cleverly found a way to market their products to a niche market, but which will appeal to everyone, and make them stand out amongst competitors.
Mandate: Produce a digital campaign to create an emotional connection with consumers and bring them to truly engage with the Dermablend Professional brand.
Solution: Using the voice of spokespersons to communicate the product’s efficacy.
Result: A touching video campaign that features 3 spokespersons: Zombie Boy,Cassandra Bankson, and Cheri Lindsay. They reveal their story and share how Dermablend helps them “Blend In to Stand Out.”
Advertising Agency: Agence Tuxedo, Montreal

See all the ads from the campaign with the 3 spokespersons on Dermablend's Youtube channel at this link.


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